Preschool Program

3-4 Years (Age 3 by September 1)


HELC's preschool program helps children develop social skills and independence as they hone their motor skills and cognitive learning. They are urged to imagine, wonder, and explore. The preschool curriculum is designed to expand creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. Preschool classes will have show and tell related to the week’s lesson.

The days are filled with art time, physical activities, independent learning, group work, meals, and fun and games. Teachers conduct lessons in alphabet (recognition & sounds), counting, basic shapes, and colors.


With a small teacher-to-student ratio, we work with each child and tailor programs that cater to his or her social and developmental needs. Preschool adds more structure to the child’s daily routine; however, our teachers still approach the day with affection and compassion first and foremost. Activities include language arts, math, songs, games, arts and crafts, free play, etc. The curriculum introduces STEM activities, advanced and inspiring activities that kick start your child's education path.

Teachers will assist with potty training and encouragement.


We believe that children need a balance of activities that include large motor and active play as well as structured quiet time. Our program includes a quiet time for all children Kindergarten and younger. All children from 1 year of age through pre-K will receive a quiet time each day for a specified length of time. This will be established by their flexible schedule posted in that respective classroom.


Our meal and snack service consists of a breakfast, morning snack, a hot lunch, and a PM snack. All food served will be nutritious and healthy. Each child will be encouraged to eat what is prepared and to try new items as introduced. Please alert our staff of any food allergies or food restrictions as we want to accommodate and respect individual preferences.


Toilet training is best accomplished with the cooperation of teachers, parents and children. Children learn toileting skills through consistent positive encouragement from adults and home and at the center. Toilet Training usually begins around 2 years of age. When a child shows an interest in toilet training, the parents and teachers should complete a Potty Training Contract that describes how they will cooperate to encourage toilet training. This form is available from our director. This plan is a commitment to work with the child in a consistent manner; it is not a timeline for completing toilet training. This contract will be kept on file.

Each child will begin at a different time and progress at a different rate. The staff will provide documentation of your child’s progress each day. The director and staff are available as a resource to answer any questions about your child’s toilet training progress at HELC. Several complete changes of clothes should be kept on-center during this process.